Multifunctional skin for Twitter Bootstrap version 3.3.2

Current version: 1.4.0

Compiled With LESS

The application is set up in such a way that all new components can be turned on or off by commenting it in the core LESS file.

34 jQuery Plugins

Drastically expanding default Bootstrap functionality by using the most popular and well-known jQuery scripts known in the community.

Many New Features

The default Bootstrap code has been extended with a massive amount of new features: colors, effects, boxes, panels, alerts, buttons, carousels, tables, bars, etc.

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Application Setup

Although there's a ton of extra features and plugins in this skin, the way everything is set up makes it possible to choose which components you want to include and which to exclude. Simply comment out the @import rules in our core.less file and those features will not be included.


Imported by bootstrap.less


Imported by core
Contains custom Bootstrap styles for this skin


Imported by core
Contains new features and styling for plugins

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